Where dreams and art intertwine, masterpieces of the heart come to life, telling stories only the soul understands.

  • I love to create expressive, organic paintings with acrylic, oil ,spray paints, markers, inks and other mix media...
    I'm influenced by emotions of the creative process, allowing music, imagination and environment to activate my senses. While painting, I experience freedom in creative expression through dimensions and worlds of the soul to share with the viewer. I feel art as freedom in creative expression through dimensions and worlds of the soul.
  • Kristina Žnidaršič is a professional artist from Slovenia and have been creating art for over 5 years, specializing in acrylic, oil paintings and mix media. She is an intuitive painter who creates artworks that is centered on visions of her imagination, emotions and energy. Kristina grew up in a household that was not very supportive of the arts so she choose a different career path and distanced herself from practicing her passion. She recently discovered painting and this became an outlet for her daily routine and means to express herself. Her imagery focuses on ordinary scenes of daily life, either from observation and imaginary spaces or visions of nature, animals, people, abstract details or just emotions.
    Ex-tempore Kras 2019 - Sponsors purchase prize Fitnes Planet Sežana
    Ex-tempore Piran 2021 - Major sponsors purchase prize Gasspar d.o.o.
  • Her work has been featured in several local galleries and group exhibitions as an active member of a local cultural club Kras from 2020 to 2023.
    In the months of July and August 2023 Kristina had the privilege to have her first solo exhibition in the building of the municipality of Hrpelje-Kozina Slovenja.
    12.10.-15.10.2023 she was part in the biggest national ART Expo Ljubljana at Brdo -Kranj, AAMI Corporation as a member of the Salvador club.

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